The ROI of Kindness

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The following is a guest post by Matt Cheuvront. Matt is an Internet Marketing Developer/Designer and master of ceremonies over at Life Without Pants. Follow him on Twitter to keep in touch!

The world would be a lot better if we’d all be a little bit nicer, don’t you think? When Tina asked me to write this guest post, I initially was at a loss for words. I could sit here and preach to you how we’d all be happier if we were nicer to each other, but come on, you already knew that, right?

Then it hit me – over the past few days, Tina had posted a few tweets that really hit home from me. They inspired me to think about the “bigger picture”…

• Think Kind Thoughts
• Speak Kind Words
• Be Kindness

These three things speak volumes – so let’s break them down individually.

Think Kind Thoughts – This is where it all begins – deep in the recesses of your psyche you develop opinions and ideas. Your thoughts ultimately lead to words and actions – and attitude is everything. Skepticism, while sometimes necessary, can really take over your thought process. It’s my belief that everyone at least deserves the benefit of the doubt. Assume the best in people (even if you’re preparing for the worst) and see the good in the world before assuming that everyone’s out to get you. With a negative outlook on life, the world can be a very lonely and isolating place.

Speak kind words – We’ve all heard the rule before as kids – “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. Healthy debate is great, constructive criticism is how we learn and grow, but bashing and belittling other people, their ideas, and the work they do – especially for your own personal gain is, if nothing else, bad karma. Instead of focusing on what the rest of the world is (or isn’t doing), start focusing on yourself and what you’re doing to achieve greatness. It starts and ends with you – focus your negative energy to improve yourself, not to destroy others.

Be Kindness – At the end of the day, kindness really pays off – it leads to long lasting relationships and friendships, and can completely open the door to opportunities you never knew existed. By being kind and willing to help other people, you establish trust, you earn respect, and “gosh darnit” people like you. Focus on establishing those relationships (because they really are the foundation for any success) – BE KINDNESS – The ROI speaks for itself.

Thoughts on Kindness

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I'm grateful to be included in the Guest Blog Grand Tour, Matt. Thanks for being so kind and making me smile remembering Stuart Smalley and his daily affirmations!

Always with a smile~Tina

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