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The Gift Community

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Tuesday, Amanda from Kind Over Matter shared a post about Charles Eisenstein and his concept of Gift Economy. His book, Sacred Economics, takes a look into the dysfunctional way we've used an agreement (money) and given it a magical power that has become at the root of most of our problems. But this book's purpose is to alter our perception and view money as equal to everything else in this universe, nothing more and nothing less. This will be done by changing our attitudes about what it is to be human. This Yale graduate explains how we can all live in greater abundance by returning to money's original purpose which was simply connect human gifts with human needs. Money is an agent of the gift.

Charity Water

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No doubt, you're familiar with the global water crisis. We've all seen video footage of children in developing nations walking miles to scoop out dirty water from muddy swamps that is most likely going to make them sick. Every 19 seconds, a child dies from a disease they contracted from dirty drinking water. The problem has many possible solutions depending on the local area. Some region's need help digging wells, others require a more complex method of filtering out water impurities.


Teen Run Group Therapy Program

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One of my much valued social media friends (twitter handle @mstracybrown) shared a link with me Wednesday after reading that days post on The Kindness Community blog. I was so impressed with Back on My Feet's unique approach to the homeless crisis when Tracy told me about Dan McGann’s innovative Teen Run Group Therapy Program. The article told the story about another running inspired program to help those in need and suffering with depression.


Back on My Feet

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I stumbled across this video on Vimeo from Storytellers for Good today. This is such a unique way to approach the homeless situation... beginning with an understanding of how the body's condition affects attitudes. You see, Anne Mahlum is a marathon runner. While jogging past a homeless shelter on her daily route, she was inspired to do something to help these men who always greeted her with a smile and wave. As an avid runner, she knows well the feeling of accomplishment when completing a marathon run. So she started training these homeless men with her athletic skills to build their bodies, then their minds.

Kind Cleaning

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I heard about this amazing company, Cleaning for a Reason, offering professional housecleaning assistance for women undergoing treatment for cancer. The service offers a once a month cleaning for up to 4 months while the patient battles this disease. The idea behind the non-profit foundation is to create a clean home environment and give the customer less worry and more time to focus on their own health. Based in Lewisville, Texas, Cleaning for a Reason depends on help from residential cleaning services throughout the U.S. and Canada to partner with them. If there are no participants in the patients area joined with Cleaning for a Reason or if the allotted spaces are simply booked, you may have to wait and reapply. Because the need is great, there are many requests for the participating maid services to take on new patients, but the amount each company can take is limited of course... some may get turned down.


The Daily Good

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Getting a dose of inspiration via The Daily Good newsletter is like taking in a breath of fresh air. In a world where negative news dominates the media, it's nice to be reminded that for every horrific injustice occurring across the globe there are just as many positive stories about human nature that are capable of lifting your spirit. These stories are often overlooked or lightly touched upon to make room for the more salacious, celebrity driven headlines or worse... the fear based news that is sure to send shock waves up your spine. Personally, I have to limit my intake of violent news, otherwise, I find myself slipping into a mental state of depression and fear. I'm not saying it's better to stick your head in the sand and ignore the plights of many world citizens, but a little balance helps restore the soul. That balance can be empowering and often enables us join in positive change. (i.e., volunteerism)


The Giving Effect

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We have a Wish List section in our local newspaper that lets the community know what some of the needed supplies of our local non-profits may be at that time. Pet Rescue, Adult Learning Center, and our Women's Shelter often have a request for basic necessities such as toiletries, gently used games, and pet supplies. But imagine you're cleaning out your children's toy closet and you're not certain where to make a toy deposit in your area. The Giving Effect is a new website to help promote fundraising and various community drives. You can go to the In Kind Directory on their website and check the box under the What Are You Donating? tab. You will receive a filtered list of charities within your area and their immediate needs.


The Kindness Ranch

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Since childhood, I've always had a pet dog or cat, sometimes both at the same time. Finding designer dogs and puppy mills deplorable, rescue animals have always been my critters of choice. My twin sister shares my sentiments and works at an animal sanctuary where euthanasia is not practiced. Most, if not all, of these non-profit safe havens are in need of help in the form of volunteers, money, or items many of us have around the house; e.g., blankets/sheets and cleaning, office and building supplies.

Celebrate Kindness

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I found this video on the Inquire Within website a couple of weeks ago that I want to share. It is from a community event last summer in Bellingham, Washington, that James and Lisa Papp participated in called Celebrate Kindness. James asks the question, "Why be kind?" and then makes the premise - because it simply works. We need each other to live, to grow our foods, build our homes, etc. With happiness and joy being directly related to kindness, what we give we get back.

You're right Jim, there is no need for complicated philosophies to support or argue the question. Being kind simply makes sense.

The Bully Project

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This is one of those stories, 5 actually, that is difficult to watch but sometimes shock is necessary in creating change. The movie, Bully, was created as a call to action to address the clichés and attitudes among administrators, teachers, and parents that treat the bully issue as an uncomfortable yet tolerated part of growing up. We're all familiar with that, "kids will be kids" attitude and the hands-off method of letting them "work it out". This film chronicles a year in the lives of five sets of parents who are determined to prevent other children from suffering the torment and isolation of this unnecessary epidemic.

Directed by Lee Hirsh, the movie will be released in select theaters this month. The Bully Project website has links to resources for those dealing first hand with bullying.

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